Free GPS cell phone tracker – Map My Tracks

Map My Tracks is a free real-time cell phone GPS tracking software. Anyone with a GPS enabled cell phone or a handset with an external GPS receiver (for example Bluetooth GPS receiver) could map and pinpoint cell phone location in real-time. It also lets you share your tracks with your friends or family. This app […]

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Free cell phone tracker software – SOS Tracker

SOS Tracker is a free GPS location app running on Nokia and BlackBerry cell phones. It turns you GPS enabled handset into a personal GPS tracking device. Featuring GPS tracking, SOS Button and Remote Request, SOS Tracker works great to protect its users. SOS tracker features: -Deliver your location information to anyone you wish. It […]

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Free cell phone tracking software – GPSed

GPSed is a free cell phone tracking system widely used in 191 countries (according to the description of the official website) to track trips, people and vehicles. Like other mobile tracing apps, it has many handy features, and you won’t find anything missing. Here are the official listed Features: -Map GPS tracks from cell phones […]

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How to track your cell phone using InstaMapper

InstaMapper’s closed, it may come back in 2013, thanks for your company these years!! InstaMapper offers free real-time cell phone tracing services to GPS enabled mobile users. With InstaMapper, you can track anyone online or share your whereabouts to friends. The whole setup process can be as easy as three steps. First, sign up and […]

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How to use mobile tracking system

Mobile Tracking System is a very powerful cell phone tracing app for Symbian Smartphone, developed by Fighter soft Multimedia, it features real-time tracking and messaging services. It is available for PPC and Symbian Smartphone and other mobile devices that support Java and GPRS. Mobile tracking system uses the built-in GPS to determine your handset’s location, […]

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Differences between GPS and A-GPS

Since Smartphone starts to get popularized, many mobile device manufacturers integrates GPS chip into Smartphone. But a lot of users are still not sure what A-GPS is and its differences from GPS. While most GPS enabled cell phones support A-GPS, some phones which have A-GPS capabilities do not own built-in GPS chip. So it’s important […]

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