How to take advantage of A-GPS on your handset

It normally take more than one minute to acquire your current coordinates (longitude, longitude and altitude sometimes) from the satellites when you have a cold start, even in the open air. But if you have A-GPS in your handset, this may only take some twenty seconds, depending on your mobile internet speed. If you have […]

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How to speed up satellites acquisition on your cell phone

You have to wait a few minutes for your GPS cell phone to acquire the coordinates of your current location when you get a cold start. However, you can always speed up satellites acquisition on your handset by using A-GPS. There are two options for A-GPS: – Always download satellites data from the A-GPS server […]

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Differences between GPS and A-GPS

Since Smartphone starts to get popularized, many mobile device manufacturers integrates GPS chip into Smartphone. But a lot of users are still not sure what A-GPS is and its differences from GPS. While most GPS enabled cell phones support A-GPS, some phones which have A-GPS capabilities do not own built-in GPS chip. So it’s important […]

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