How to disable ads in your Android apps

Ads in apps could be annoying, and people hates it. This is especially true when it comes to apps we use frequently in our daily life. Ads are annoying not just because some of them look ugly, or the display real estate they take, but they also drain our battery quickly. Imagine this, while you […]

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Why iPhones still have better battery life than Android

Although it has been less than half a year from my previous post about battery life comparison between iOS and Android devices, a lot of important devices have been announced and made available in this period of time. Sony Z3, iPhone 6/p, Moto Maxx, to name a few. So I decide to re-check my opinon […]

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A closer look at Android battery charging

This experiment is kind of old as it dates back to 2012, a lot of changes happened since then, big and small. However we will still learn something from it since it relates some basics about lion ion battery, which seldom changes tremendously these years. This post will cover two aspects: how to take advantage […]

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Why iPhones have better battery life than most Android devices

Although I never own an iPhone, I have the impression that in terms of gaming, video playback and internet browsing those iOS devices always have better battery life than most Android phones, if not all. This has changed a bit since the release of LG G2, which has unbelievable battery life. For the first time, […]

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The ultimate guide to save battery on Android

I mostly cover cell phone tracking apps, news and technology on this blog, but sometimes I also write on battery life as it’s the basis for all activities on any device. Without enough power, apps, GPS, WiFi and cell tower triangulation technology won’t work, not to mention to record your handset’s location continually. In a […]

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Google Maps offline navigation goes live

Finally, Google adds offline navigation to Google Maps – a long-waited feature, yet a nightmare to navigation companies becomes reality. The newly released Google Maps 5.7 for Android now allows users to download maps to local storage for offline navigation. Although this version only let people download maps about an area of 10 miles around […]

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Charge your handset anywhere using solar power

For years, batteries have been a thorny challenge to mobile devices; there have been just no significant improvements in battery ever since the world’s first cell phone was invented. Many people buy additional batteries for their mobile device plus a charger. You would have probably noticed it if you run mobile tracking apps, GPS, Wi-Fi […]

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