How to create your own Android spy app

Like many, I know nothing about Java. Oh wait a minute, Java and C++ have similar syntax and I did learn the latter. But still, I have no clue about how to create an Android app, not to mention Android spy apps. But this should not be an obstacle. I recently get to know that […]

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Catch a cheating spouse using Boyfriend Log

If you read my blog often, you won’t be surprised to see cell phone tracking or spy apps are widely discussed and installed for whatever reason. However, every time such an app comes out, it would cause a lot of concerns about privacy. This time, it’s all about an Android based mobile device spy app […]

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Vodafone network hacked – Cell phone spy is easy

With a simple device called “Sure Signal” which is available currently at 50 GBP, you can listen to any cell phone call, impersonate any handset, make phone calls on the victim’s cost and even access his / her voice mail. This is not in the movies; this is what exactly happened to one of the […]

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How to know if Google is spying on you

A few days ago, two women from Oakland sued Google for tracking their location using Android Smartphone although Google said users can opt-out of “location services” when set up their Android devicess. However, there is more than one way Google can spy on us. The question is however, as an individual, how do you know […]

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Spy on cell phones now possible

We used to see someone boast of spying on any cell phone, saying that their mobile spy software could listen to others calls and read their messages, well you know that’s not true. But this time, you should be aware, someone could listen in. Some days ago, German security expert Karsten Nohl showed in Chaos […]

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