Why can’t you track a missing phone using Plan B

Here by missing I mean stolen or lost handset, not misplaced. By phone I mean Android, not iPhone (I do not have an iPhone although Plan B does have an iOS version) or Symbian (lots of people ask me for help have a Symbian device, but it’s out of the question to track a handset […]

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Date: 13-03-24 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: ,

What future phone anti-theft technology looks like?

Cell phone tracking can be great; it’s like magic since it could find your lost handset. However mobile tracking is not everything, it has weaknesses too. There are a few situations that cell phone trace might not help, one of which would be it could take a long time for you to realize that your […]

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Top seven free cell phone tracking software

Find the best free cell phone tracking software for GPS enabled mobile devices to locate family members or find your lost/stolen cell phone or record tracks of trips! Since many location based companies entered this field, the end users can choose their favorite location services and apps. So I decided to compile this list of […]

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Android mobile tracking apps roundup

If you have an Android device, it may not be so easy to choose a location and anti-theft app appropriate for your needs. It seems to me that Android location app is coming out every day, with most of them have the same basic location tracking functionality, some have more handy and practical features. To […]

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Android anti-theft app Gotya helps identify the thief

Without a doubt, mobile tracking technology could help people find their lost or stolen handset. Giving that WiFi and cell tower positioning technology have already been integrated in the location based services, we can obtain the location information of a mobile device easily without GPS. However, imagine when a stolen cell phone is found to […]

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Catch a cheating spouse using Boyfriend Log

If you read my blog often, you won’t be surprised to see cell phone tracking or spy apps are widely discussed and installed for whatever reason. However, every time such an app comes out, it would cause a lot of concerns about privacy. This time, it’s all about an Android based mobile device spy app […]

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Date: 11-09-16 | Category: Cell phone spy | Tags: ,

Cell phone tracking is everywhere

Apple and Google are not the only ones to collect and store cell phone users’ geolocation to develop and improve their location based services. There is more accurate mobile devices’ location tracking being performed everyday and we are even not aware of that. If you have a GSM cell phone and are an AT&T or […]

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