People find the location of their iPhone but…

Ever since Find My iPhone was launched, I have been collecting stories about people getting their iOS device back using Find My iPhone and I have introduced some of them in other posts. Although Find My iPhone/iPod/iPad (and Find My Mac? Probably) were intended for finding our misplaced phone, they did help people recover their […]

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Best free mobile security apps for Android

Android is the most popular mobile OS in addition to iOS at the moment, but it’s one of the most insecure platform as well. A case in point is San Francisco based software vendor Coverity released a report last year saying that there were a huge number of bugs in Android kernel, among which 88 […]

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Apple says location data are used for better service

Apple said on Tuesday at a Senate hearing that they are collecting location data of cell sites and WiFi access points to improve their location services, not tracking user location. Apple emphasized again that the data recorded and sent back to their server are all anonymous. This is the latest progress since Apple released iOS […]

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Apple is to launch Find My Mac?

Rumors had it that Apple is to launch completely new MobileMe cloud service as iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion are to be released one after another. Users in the past have to pay $99 for using MobileMe, but this time Apple may provide users with free wireless sync and cloud-based Multimedia storage services. […]

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Track your BlackBerry phone using BlackBerry Protect

Apple, the mobile device industry newcomer yet the most successful Smartphone maker launched its iOS device lost and found service and app Find My iPhone long ago. Microsoft also released its own data sync and location service My Phone for its not so successful Smartphone Windows Mobile. But RIM, the famous business brand has not […]

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Apple faces lawsuit for tracking user location

In the previous post I reported that iPhone and iPad with iOS 4 and later track user location secretly, well it seems that the issue has escalated. Last week, two Apple product users named Vikram Ajjampur and William Devito filed a lawsuit in Florida against Apple for violating privacy laws, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. […]

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iPhone 4 track user whereabouts silently

Two security researchers Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan recently discovered that iOS 4 devices include iPhone and iPad are watching users secretly and silently. I also read somewhere that this happened to some iPhone 3GS and iPad as well, but it’s not confirmed. The two researchers found that iPhone and iPad running iOS 4 and […]

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