Indtroducing Profone tracker

It’s been a while since I released my Profone tracker. I think now it’s time to write a little about it, how it works and how you can collect the data. It’s not a new tool if you ever try my GSM and WiFi tracker. As a matter of fact, it’s a combination of the […]

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Date: 17-04-19 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: ,

Interesting findings about WCDMA Cell ID

I have lately received quite a few feedbacks about my GSM tracker. In case you have not used it before, here is the link. I myself rarely use it these days since it does not have much to do with my job, but I used to learn about everything related in the days when Symbian […]

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Date: 14-10-10 | Category: Others | Tags:

How to find CellID and LAC in BlackBerry phone

I have already introduced a few apps for iOS, Android and Symbian to find cell towers information like LAC and CellID, but none of them work on BlackBerry phone. After a few minutes search and research, I find that there is hardly any app has ever been created to achieve this objective and I finally […]

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Date: 12-04-07 | Category: Others | Tags: , ,

View network coverage using OpenSignalMaps heat map

The US has four national carriers (AT&T and T-mobile merger is not completed yet), yet none of them can cover the whole country. In specific areas, local mobile operators even have better network coverage. That’s why customers have been complaining to AT&T from time to time that they have week or no signal at all. […]

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Date: 11-09-21 | Category: LBS | Tags: , ,

Make free calls without mobile network coverage

Almost after most severe natural disasters or social unrest, telephone communication is being cut off as infrastructure could be seriously damaged which is crucial for saving lives. But people do not have to worry about it in the future, Australian researchers have developed an app for Android which could set up a short range peer […]

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Date: 11-08-20 | Category: Others | Tags: ,

Vodafone network hacked – Cell phone spy is easy

With a simple device called “Sure Signal” which is available currently at 50 GBP, you can listen to any cell phone call, impersonate any handset, make phone calls on the victim’s cost and even access his / her voice mail. This is not in the movies; this is what exactly happened to one of the […]

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Date: 11-07-15 | Category: Cell phone spy | Tags: , ,

Cell phone GSM tracking using cell towers

GSM tracking could either be network based or device based, while the former requires less or no operation from the mobile devices, the latter needs the mobile devices to install certain software and perform the calculating and locating operation and send the data to the location server via GPRS or WiFi or 3G. Typically, a […]

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Date: 10-11-19 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: , ,

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