What’s going on lately

I have received quite a few messages on Facebook asking me why I do not update my blog or respond to messages and comments on my page, I would like to explain a few words and here are the reasons. As you can see, the latest post on my blog was published more than three […]

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Date: 16-11-02 | Category: Others | Tags: ,

How did I lose my iPhone 6 Plus and password

This is a true story. I read it somewhere. The poster who is an iPhone 6 Plus owner lost his handset and pass code. I share it here with my readers because it’s a hard lesson, and other iOS handset owners should not let it happen to them. I lost my iPhone 6 Plus on […]

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Date: 16-07-28 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: ,

How has Find My iPhone improved over the years

Let’s start with the news that people can spy on an Android phone even when the handset is shut down. In fact, I have shared the news on Google Plus and here is the link if you have not heard of it. You should not be panic although it does sound a bit of scary. […]

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Date: 15-02-26 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: ,

Handset makers promise to protect our mobile devices

Over the past months, I have found that New York law enforcements lead the cell phone tracking field (you know it if you have liked this), they are always trying their best to ask for cooperation from carriers in tracking the lost mobile devices. This time, it’s not the carrier but the handset manufacturers’ turn […]

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Date: 13-06-15 | Category: Others | Tags: ,

A nontechnical way to find missing iPhone

This is probably my last post in 2012 – the end of the world, since we will say goodbye to it in two days -:). So happy we all survive and live one. To all my friends and visitors, Merry Christmas and happy New Year. I have been writing many technical things this year, so […]

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Date: 12-12-29 | Category: Others | Tags: ,

Find My Friends finally goes live

When Apple rolls out iOS5, its new LBS app also becomes available. The new app, which is called Find My Friends, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 5. Unlike Find My iPhone – which is used to locate your own iOS device, Find My Friends lets you share your whereabouts with your […]

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Who has your Mac?

A man called Joshua got his MacBook stolen from his apartment in Oakland in March when he’s not home. He then reported it to his local police. Luckily he installed a program called Hidden, and he used it to take photos of the thief and gathered the network and location information which were sent to […]

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