Goodbye MobileMe and Welcome iCloud

Since Apple announced its new free could based service iCould at WWDC two weeks ago, the destiny of MobileMe was set. The rumors used to have it that Apple will lower its price from $99 to $20, and some even predicted free MobileMe service. But eventually, Apple killed MobileMe. MobileMe subscribers are not able to […]

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People find the location of their iPhone but…

Ever since Find My iPhone was launched, I have been collecting stories about people getting their iOS device back using Find My iPhone and I have introduced some of them in other posts. Although Find My iPhone/iPod/iPad (and Find My Mac? Probably) were intended for finding our misplaced phone, they did help people recover their […]

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Apple is to launch Find My Mac?

Rumors had it that Apple is to launch completely new MobileMe cloud service as iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion are to be released one after another. Users in the past have to pay $99 for using MobileMe, but this time Apple may provide users with free wireless sync and cloud-based Multimedia storage services. […]

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iPhone 4 track user whereabouts silently

Two security researchers Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan recently discovered that iOS 4 devices include iPhone and iPad are watching users secretly and silently. I also read somewhere that this happened to some iPhone 3GS and iPad as well, but it’s not confirmed. The two researchers found that iPhone and iPad running iOS 4 and […]

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What makes a good cell phone locating app

Cell phone tracking app is useful because you can use it to record your trip, share your whereabouts with friends. Most of all, parents use it to keep track of their children, people use it to find their misplaced or lost mobile device. But there’s a few situations mobile tracing app could not work, if […]

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Find My iPhone helps recover handset fell from airplane

According to, a U.S. Air Force Combat Controller called Ron Walker said his handset – iPhone 4 slipped out of a Velcro pocket on his jumpsuit when he stuck his body out of the plane door to look for landmarks. At that point, the plane was traveling at 150 m.p.h at an altitude of […]

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How to stop Find My iPhone working

Since Apple released Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, stories about people recovered their iOS device are everywhere. Here are two of them. 1 According to Straits Times, one Singapore woman was robbed and lost her iPhone, and Singapore police got her handset back within 48 hours and arrested the robber with the help of Find My […]

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