Google launches Google Maps 5.3 for Android

A short while after Google Maps 5.2 hit the Android market last month, Google Maps 5.3 for Android was lunched yesterday, featuring location history dashboard, check-in at home and add your opinion when review a place. Location history dashboard If you enabled location history, you will be able to see your past route, the most […]

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Date: 11-04-08 | Category: Google Earth | Tags: ,

Facebook place app is coming to Android cell phones

Three days ago, Facebook announced that its LBS (location based service) app place and groups are coming to Android mobile device, and its location API is opening up, which means other apps can use its API and provide location sharing features as well. Facebook place, like Google latitude and Foursquare, lets its users share and […]

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Date: 10-11-08 | Category: LBS | Tags: , , ,

LBS company Skyhook wireless sued Google

The US cell phone tracking company Skyhook wireless recently filed a lawsuit against Google for interfering with its business and for patent infringement, asking millions of Dollars in compensation. Skyhook claimed that Google forced Motorola to ditch Skyhook’s cell phone tracking technology in its Android Smartphones, and that Google’s mobile phone location tracking technology is […]

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Date: 10-09-16 | Category: Others | Tags: , ,

Using Google latitude to track cell phone locations

Since its release, Google latitude has received well recognition as a free cell phone GPS tracking app for Android, Blackberry, S60, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. Google latitude let you share your location information to your friends and family on Google Maps so that they can track your location. In order to use Google latitude, […]

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