Android anti-theft app Gotya helps identify the thief

Without a doubt, mobile tracking technology could help people find their lost or stolen handset. Giving that WiFi and cell tower positioning technology have already been integrated in the location based services, we can obtain the location information of a mobile device easily without GPS. However, imagine when a stolen cell phone is found to […]

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Date: 11-10-27 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: ,

Google Maps offline navigation goes live

Finally, Google adds offline navigation to Google Maps – a long-waited feature, yet a nightmare to navigation companies becomes reality. The newly released Google Maps 5.7 for Android now allows users to download maps to local storage for offline navigation. Although this version only let people download maps about an area of 10 miles around […]

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Date: 11-07-08 | Category: Google Earth | Tags: ,

How to know if Google is spying on you

A few days ago, two women from Oakland sued Google for tracking their location using Android Smartphone although Google said users can opt-out of “location services” when set up their Android devicess. However, there is more than one way Google can spy on us. The question is however, as an individual, how do you know […]

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Date: 11-05-01 | Category: Cell phone spy | Tags: ,

Google launches Google Maps 5.3 for Android

A short while after Google Maps 5.2 hit the Android market last month, Google Maps 5.3 for Android was lunched yesterday, featuring location history dashboard, check-in at home and add your opinion when review a place. Location history dashboard If you enabled location history, you will be able to see your past route, the most […]

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Date: 11-04-08 | Category: Google Earth | Tags: ,

Google Maps may be closed in China

Since Google withdrew its search business from China mainland, it’s facing another setback. This time it’s online mapping service Google Maps. According to China State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (SBSM), they had not received any application from Google for its online mapping service up till yesterday. Google China said last night that they are […]

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Date: 11-04-02 | Category: Google Earth | Tags:

Yes I know where you are

We have talked a lot about how to track a mobile devices’s location already, but what you may not know, when your browse the internet, the websites you viewed could track your location as well. People who use Google Maps for mobile know it can determine your approximate location, based on which it will calculate […]

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Date: 11-03-30 | Category: LBS | Tags: , ,

6 apps to obtain LAC & CellID for GSM tracking

In order to determine the location of your cell phone using cell towers, you need to know the LAC (Location Area Code) and CellID of the cell tower your cell phone is currently connected to. Then you can enter the LAC, CellID and other data to locate your handset location, this is how cell tower […]

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