Can you stay anonymous in the digital world?

We have always tried hard to protect our privacy in both the real world and virtual world while there are others or companies or government want to pry into or take advantage of our private data for whatever purposes. In today’s digital world, while we enjoy the great pleasure and convenience brought by those electronic […]

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Comparison of three cell phone location tracing techniques

In essence, cell phone tracking technology uses at least three already known fixed location points to determine the location of a mobile device, and the location points must be accurately identified and their coordinates recorded in a database first. Unlike landlines, considering the mobile feature of cell phones, a huge database of millions of fixed […]

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9 factors that could affect GPS positioning accuracy

Although GPS tracking is the most accurate compared to WiFi based and cell tower based tracking techniques, there are a few factors could affect the accuracy of GPS positioning accuracy which could affect cell phone GPS tracking. 1 The sun. Yes, the sun almost affects everything in the solar system. The magnetic field generated by […]

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Free Windows Mobile GPS locating software NaviComputer

Although Windows Mobile OS became outdated long ago and even Microsoft gave up on it, the release of Windows Phone 7 is the best indication, there are still many users own Windows Mobile phones. So it’s absolutely necessary to us to bring this free GPS tracing software for Windows Mobile devices to our readers -NaviComputer […]

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Using Google latitude to track cell phone locations

Since its release, Google latitude has received well recognition as a free cell phone GPS tracking app for Android, Blackberry, S60, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. Google latitude let you share your location information to your friends and family on Google Maps so that they can track your location. In order to use Google latitude, […]

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Free real-time GPS tracking in Google Earth

Since the release of Google Earth 4 Beta, GE included a special feature for GE Plus/Pro/EC users which allows you to plug in a compatible GPS to your laptop and show your position and path in Google Earth in real-time, and you can import the tracks of your trips from your GPS device into GE […]

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Sprint GPS cell phone tracker – family locator

Like Verizon’s cell phone locator, Sprint family locator is another mobile phone tracking service. According to their website, Sprint Family Locator uses a combination of different techniques (I am quite curious about what they are) to locate cell phones. Some techniques result in better accuracy than others, with an accuracy of anywhere between a few […]

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