How can your calls be intercepted, possibly

I have received dozens of text messages and Emails from unknown sources claiming that I can listen to any call from any handset, as long as I provide the cell phone number to them, and of course money. I myself know clearly that these are just scams; the only purpose is to trick my money […]

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How to find CellID and LAC in BlackBerry phone

I have already introduced a few apps for iOS, Android and Symbian to find cell towers information like LAC and CellID, but none of them work on BlackBerry phone. After a few minutes search and research, I find that there is hardly any app has ever been created to achieve this objective and I finally […]

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View network coverage using OpenSignalMaps heat map

The US has four national carriers (AT&T and T-mobile merger is not completed yet), yet none of them can cover the whole country. In specific areas, local mobile operators even have better network coverage. That’s why customers have been complaining to AT&T from time to time that they have week or no signal at all. […]

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Date: 11-09-21 | Category: LBS | Tags: , ,

Spy on cell phones now possible

We used to see someone boast of spying on any cell phone, saying that their mobile spy software could listen to others calls and read their messages, well you know that’s not true. But this time, you should be aware, someone could listen in. Some days ago, German security expert Karsten Nohl showed in Chaos […]

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