How to find CellID and LAC in BlackBerry phone

I have already introduced a few apps for iOS, Android and Symbian to find cell towers information like LAC and CellID, but none of them work on BlackBerry phone. After a few minutes search and research, I find that there is hardly any app has ever been created to achieve this objective and I finally […]

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Find Android phone CellID and LAC using test mode

I once introduced some apps we can use to get our phone’s CellID and LAC for location purposes, like celltracker, fieldtest, net monitor, cell tower locator etc. In addition to those apps, I recently came into a more powerful app for Android device called Network Info II which is available in Android market. It can […]

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Microsoft mapping services expose user location

When Apple and Google cell phone location tracking issued got our full attention, no one was aware that Microsoft was doing the same using their managed driving program. As is known to all, Google first used their street view cars to log WiFi Access Point and cell sites information, and then they stopped the move […]

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Cell phone tracking is everywhere

Apple and Google are not the only ones to collect and store cell phone users’ geolocation to develop and improve their location based services. There is more accurate mobile devices’ location tracking being performed everyday and we are even not aware of that. If you have a GSM cell phone and are an AT&T or […]

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Locate cell phone or PC online using my online tools

In an effort to help our readers to get a better understanding of how cell phone tracking works, we developed a few tools called profone trackers which enable people to track cell phone or laptop online via GPS, cell phone tower, Wi-Fi Access Points and IP address. These tools include GPS / GSM / WiFi […]

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Comparison of three cell phone location tracing techniques

In essence, cell phone tracking technology uses at least three already known fixed location points to determine the location of a mobile device, and the location points must be accurately identified and their coordinates recorded in a database first. Unlike landlines, considering the mobile feature of cell phones, a huge database of millions of fixed […]

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6 apps to obtain LAC & CellID for GSM tracking

In order to determine the location of your cell phone using cell towers, you need to know the LAC (Location Area Code) and CellID of the cell tower your cell phone is currently connected to. Then you can enter the LAC, CellID and other data to locate your handset location, this is how cell tower […]

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