Is Google My Tracks 2.0 update a failure?

I was out of office the past two months on a business trip, and Google released the location app My Tracks 2.0 version during that period of time (now available on Google Play). So I wasn’t able to write something on that in time. This is not a major upgrade, but quite controversy. This post […]

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Date: 12-09-22 | Category: LBS | Tags: ,

View network coverage using OpenSignalMaps heat map

The US has four national carriers (AT&T and T-mobile merger is not completed yet), yet none of them can cover the whole country. In specific areas, local mobile operators even have better network coverage. That’s why customers have been complaining to AT&T from time to time that they have week or no signal at all. […]

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Date: 11-09-21 | Category: LBS | Tags: , ,

Yes I know where you are

We have talked a lot about how to track a mobile devices’s location already, but what you may not know, when your browse the internet, the websites you viewed could track your location as well. People who use Google Maps for mobile know it can determine your approximate location, based on which it will calculate […]

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Date: 11-03-30 | Category: LBS | Tags: , ,

Facebook place app is coming to Android cell phones

Three days ago, Facebook announced that its LBS (location based service) app place and groups are coming to Android mobile device, and its location API is opening up, which means other apps can use its API and provide location sharing features as well. Facebook place, like Google latitude and Foursquare, lets its users share and […]

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