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Cellphonetrackers.org, launched in 2009, is one of the top cell phone tracking blogs on the web focusing on Google Earth, GPS and cell phone tracking technology, apps and mainstream tracking techniques (including GPS tracking, GSM tracking and WiFi tracking).

This blog also covers news about mobile phone tracking, location based services, mobile operator family locator services and updates.

Cellphonetrackers.org is the only blog develops and launches online IP tracker, WiFi tracker and GSM tracker. Now these trackers are available and hopefully can help visitors and readers track their mobile devices online.


Below tools and information are for advanced users only for research purposes.


1 LAC/CID query online for GSM phone

2 SID/NID/BID query online for CDMA phone

3 MAC address query online for WiFi enabled devices

4 Cell phone finder for misplaced handset (US & Canadian numbers only)

5 Map IP address online

Apps and info essential for above tools:

1 How to find LAC and Cell ID in BlackBerry phone

2 How to find Android phone LAC & CellID in test mode

3 10 apps to find your phone’s LAC & Cell ID

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