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Last month, a British firm developed and released a flight tracking app for Apple iPhone and Google Android devices called plane finder, when you point the back of your handset at the sky, it can show the position, height, speed, the airline, flight number, departure point, destination and even the likely course of any nearby airplanes.

This app is different from those cell phone flight tracking apps, it can only show the detailed information of flights in an area of some one hundred kilo meters. If there are no planes in the sky when you try it, nothing will display. That is, you can not enter a flight number to find its details.

Plane finder works by intercepting the so-called Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcasts (ADS-B) transmitted by most passenger aircraft to a new satellite tracking system that supplements or, in some countries, replaces radar.

You may use it for fun, but security experts said it’s a serious terrorist threat, which can help terrorists to launch surface-to-air missiles to target any passenger aircraft in the sky.

Currently this controversy app is sold at $2.99 in App store (free version), but experts already called for the authority to ban it although there’s no action being taken at the moment. Let’s just wait and see what this will lead to.

If you are looking for flight information or want to track a flight on Google Earth or Google Maps, you may want to check out this post. This app enables you to track flights in real-time on Google Earth, and you can get information about its flight number, altitude, speed and more. If the flight already arrived in its destination, you can view the whole route on Google Earth. In some EU cities, you can view its flight on Google Maps, when you point your mouse on a airplane, the flight number, speed will show.

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