Apple is to launch Find My Mac?

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Rumors had it that Apple is to launch completely new MobileMe cloud service as iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion are to be released one after another. Users in the past have to pay $99 for using MobileMe, but this time Apple may provide users with free wireless sync and cloud-based Multimedia storage services.

A French website Consomac said that they had found in Mac OS X Lion beta an application icon called Find My Mac, which is similar with Find My iPhone. This could mean Apple may introduce the lost and found capability to Mac to helps user recover their laptop.

Well it would be interesting to explore it a little bit deeper. Cell phone, due to its portable feature, we take it everywhere we go, you would not want to miss an important call. So it’s more likely someone may steal it. On the other hand, most handsets are small in size. If we misplace it in somewhere, like in sofa, bed or a bag, it’s not easy to be found by us. Meanwhile, our mobile devices is always turned on, which increases the possibility for us to find it using mobile tracking apps.

But when it comes to laptop, the situations are quite different. In most cases, we leave our laptop in our room or at office. Unless someone break in, it’s unlikely we will lose it. Even if we do leave it somewhere and could not remember the place, considering its size, we could find it quickly. In the meantime, although laptop battery lasts longer than cell phone battery, when we do not use it, we turn it off. So even if Find My Mac has no competition at the moment, it could not locate a laptop which is off.

It’s still unknown what tracing technology Apple will use to track its laptops. However, since it’s unlikely Mac will come with SIM card, GSM tracking may not be used. It’s also impossible for Apple to integrate GPS modules into Mac in the short term, so GPS tracking is not available as well. The most possible solution would be WiFi / IP locator, as we connect our laptop to WiFi access point a lot, whether at home or in Starbucks. Both location technologies lead to not-so-accurate results, so it’s not easy for users to trace their lost laptops using WiFi hotspots or IP addresses. However, Apple may use other tracking technology which is unclear for the time being.

A few days ago, Apple purchased a new domain name at 4.5 million US dollars; analysts say Apple may name its new cloud service iCloud.

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