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Profone Tracker API Console


Profone GSM tracker has more cell towers in database than anyone else. You can use this tool to get a rough idea of how many cell towers are in database for a certain MCC (a country could have more than 1 MCC). Meanwhie, I update the database weekly, so the result could vary even daily.

Profone GSM tracker alone receives about some 18,000 visitors monthly from over 160 countries and regions, with a majority of them are from Indonesia, Pakistan, USA, India and Thailand. Now many companies, app developers, researchers use this API service. In the meantime, police departments from a few countries are using this service constantly.

It's free for all personal and research uses, in fact. However due to the ristrictions on the usage of the server resources (CPU, memory, bandwidth) placed by my hosting provider and given the cost of collecting data, I am unable to offer free services for commercial uses.

Plans and Pricing

There are two plans avaiable at the moment, prepaid and monthly subscription. The prepaid plan works like this, you register and top up your account, and you get 100 points for each and every one US dollar. One point equals one API query. Beside, you get 500 points for test when you sign up whatever plan you select. The details of monthly plans can be obtained upon request.

* A full refund will be made if you are not satisfied within the first 7 days.
* API queries subjects to change without further notice,please refer to this page for up-to-date info.

API Usage

Once get the API key, please use GET to submit queries in format:
and you'll get the result in JSON, for example, {"statusCode":200,"msg":"Success","lat":"-23.509596","lng":"-46.697628"}

Some explannation of statusCode:
statusCode 200 means query successful.
statusCode 300 means you do not send any meanningfull data, please check if you include cell tower or WiFi data in your query.
statusCode 404 means API key not found, you need to sign up and get an API key. Once you register and login, you will find your API key in the profile page, it's unique and can not be changed.
statusCode 400 means cell tower or WiFi AP not found.
statusCode 500 means your account balance is not enough, please top up.

For those who do not have a server or could not take advantage of the API service, I provide batch search functionality, please login to find more.


Profone Tracker API console is avalable, check it out here, you can leave your questions and suggestions there (sign up required). Please write to me at znxhw#hotmail.com for any query, or leave a message on my Facebook page.

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