How did I lose my iPhone 6 Plus and password

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This is a true story. I read it somewhere. The poster who is an iPhone 6 Plus owner lost his handset and pass code. I believe the thief will reflash and resell the device for a profit somewhere. I share it here with my readers because it’s a hard lesson learned, and other iOS handset owners should not let it happen to them.

I lost my iPhone 6 Plus on a Tuesday. When I found it’s gone, I called my number like crazy. No one would answer my calls however. So I tried using Find my iPhone and it said the phone was offline. I was not surprised because I always disconnect my device from the Internet when I do not use it. I tried again that night and it said my phone was turned off. I knew immediately that my handset was stolen and it will never come back.


I received a SMS the following day from my stolen phone saying that the phone was sent to a repair shop but the SIM card can be returned. Apparently it’s from the thief. I thought it over and agreed.

Two days later I received another SMS from a number 085295163352 and it reads:

iCould location info:

The phone you put in stolen mode is being flashed using iTunes and activated, the location info is recorded.

If it’s not been done by you, please visit immediately to view its current location,

Unsubscribe by replying T [APPLE]

I clicked that link on my phone and it went to, it looked quite like the official Find my iPhone webpage but the version is a bit old – 2.4. I did not give it a second thought and gave up.

I received yet another text message from 1069057804467 a day later, and the content is:

[Apple] Dear Apple user, your phone in stolen mode is in an Apple store requesting a new replacement.

If it’s not done by you or your phone is lost, please log into and verify your information.

We will put your phone on hold once you pass the verification.

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To be honest, I was pleasant for a second that Apple provides such service. I clicked the link and it directed me to the same page I saw a day ago. I highly doubted it and was hesitate to enter my Apple ID and password.

So I called Apple’s official support line 400-627-2273 and it said please call back in working hours.

A day later from that day I received a package at work and it was my SIM card. It reminds me of the phone thing and I started calling Apple support. Unfortunately it’s always busy, busy, busy. I admit I was a little anxious at the time.

When I was ready to call Apple again I got a message from 1069057804468:

[Apple receipt] Dear iPhone user, your phone in stolen mode gets a new replacement successfully.

Repair No. 671108. If it’s not you sent the phone, please log in to

We will hold the replacement when you verify your information.

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I was in huge pressure then and preferred to believe it although I still had doubts. How I wish I have thought it through. I clicked that link again and entered my password, but it said the password was incorrect. How could I be wrong? I type my code every day! I realized suddenly that it’s a trap.

I dialed Apple’s support number at once and waited a minute till someone answers. A woman told me that Apple has no such service and it’s a Phishing site.

I refused to believe that and tried Find my iPhone. Nothing! The once offline iPhone 6 Plus is nowhere to find. It’s gone! Now anyone could use my handset!!!

It’s gone, for good.

Via [Baidu].

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