Real-time flight tracking in Google Earth or Maps

Posted by Alex Zaah filed under Google Earth

To be honest, although once I mentioned that you can track cell phones, vehicles or satellites in real-time in Google earth, but I did not think of that using Google Earth to track flights.

About one week ago, when I looked for some information about a particular flight, I found that Google pointed out in Google Earth help website that there is a flight tracking service provided by is a aviation solutions website, they allow you to track flights for some major airports in real-time in Google Earth. In order to track a specific flight, you need to select the airline and enter the flight number. If you do not have any particular flight in mind, just scroll down and select and click one listed in their website.

Usually, you can view the departure information (departure time and airport), destination information (time and air port), and flight details (aircraft, altitude and speed). What’s more important, you can see a button saying Google earth. If you have installed Google Earth in your computer, clicking on it will lead to the load of Google Earth and you can view the flight in real-time. has more advanced features to offer. You need first to sign up with them, then purchase a subscription of $9.95 per month.

However if you are in EU countries or do not have Google Earth installed in your PC, there are some substitute flight tracking services using Google Maps for you. Casper, Zurich Airport and RadarVirtuel allow you to track almost all flights in EU countries in almost real-time in Google Maps, just select an airport and you can view the aircraft, altitude and speed in change of each flight, it’s really awesome. For US citizens, GmapTracker let you tracks incoming flights for airports of New York, San Francisco, LA, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago in Google Maps.

If you have an Android mobile device or iPhone, there is an app lets you find the relevant information when a flight is in the sky. All you need to do is point your handset up at the sky, you will be able to see its flight number, altitude, speed etc. However it can not be used to track any flight, just for fun. If you are interested in it, it might be worthwhile to check it out.

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