Google Earth is one of the remarkable creations by Google, with a free version; you can enjoy a limited functionality. However you can only install it on your desktop or laptop in the past, now Google Earth for mobile device is available, this makes tracking a cell phone location on Google Earth from your handset become reality.

The features of Google Earth mobile version:

– Explore in 3D. View the same 3D imagery and terrain available in the desktop version of Google Earth.
– My Location. Fly to your current location with the touch of a button.
– Multi-touch. Pan, zoom, and tilt your view as you travel the globe.
– Local search. Search for cities, places, and businesses around the world with Google local search.
– Search by voice. Speak your queries in English, Mandarin, or Japanese.
– Layers. View layers of geographic information including roads, borders, Panoramio photos, and more.

However Google Earth mobile version at the moment is only available for Google Android device Nexus One and iPhone, if you happen to have one of them, simply go to from your handset, iPhone user can also go to to download Google Earth for iPhone.

Hopefully Google Earth for mobile will support other mobile devices like Windows Phone 7 and Symbian mobile devices in the future.