Using Google earth to track real-time satellites movements

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Since Google earth’s release, you probably have found a lot of interesting things about it and share with other Google earth fans, one of which is make your own place marks and upload it to Google earth community.

This time we bring to you a place mark which allows you to track the satellites locations in real time in Google earth. It would be really interesting to see how the satellites move above us in the sky, it’s really spectacular (click here for a large picture)!

You have to download this little .KMZ file called satellite tracking and unzip it first (now you do not have too). Then run Google earth on your computer, and double click the .KML file and you can see satellite database under place tab on the left, click to tick it. Now you should be able to view the satellites and signal receivers on Google earth. You can see there are many categories including over 12,000 hundred satellites, and you can view their place on the surface of our Earth on Google Earth. Plus, you can rotate the Earth to see more satellites. This huge satellite database is owned by USSC (United States Strategic Command).

Satellite tracking use the internet to update the tracks of the satellites and normally, generally the status are updated every 30 seconds. If you click on any of the satellite, more information will appear, such as its number, owner, launch date and site etc.

I imported the file to Google Earth on my laptop, shortly the positions of the satellites appear, and their positions change from secondes to seconds. It’s really amazing.

By the way, you can also see the locations of the GPS satellites.

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Update, the .KML file stopped working, I will look for new alternatives. Thanks to Vikas.

Update, I have found an alternative, which is now available for download and sharing.

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