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Update, Symbian is dead, I doubt anyone now use it. I was planning to delete this article, however I decide to keep it for a longer period of time considering there are many less developed countries where people might still use it.

Mobile Tracking System is a very powerful cell phone tracing app for Symbian Smartphone, developed by Fighter soft Multimedia, it features real-time tracking and messaging services. It is available for PPC and Symbian Smartphone and other mobile devices that support Java and GPRS.

Mobile tracking system uses the built-in GPS to determine your handset’s location, which is very accurate compared to cell tower or WiFi access point based tracking technology. In the meantime, when there is no GPS signal, base stations are used to obtain your cell phone’s position. It allows you to upload cell towers data to their server. Base station data are only known to the carriers, so there is no database available right now contains the GPS coordinates of all base stations around the world. As a result, cell towers positioning system is less accurate than GPS, and WiFi Positioning System as more and more Wi-Fi hotspots are built every year.

Main features:

-Free to use. You can use it free of charge on any mobile device, anytime and everywhere as you wish.
-Send unlimited message, email and reply to others.
-Track your family and friend with their permission, and vise versa. You do not have to worry about your privacy; people will not be able to track you without your consent beforehand.
-Upload base station data to the server. If you have data of your nearby cell towers, you can upload them and help achieve more accurate results for everyone.
-It supports GPS. Use the most up-to-date technology to track your phone or people.

Please note for Symbian s60v2 handsets, you need to download and install both daemons for Symbian S60 2nd Edition and Python libs for Symbian S60 2nd Edition.

A simple step by step user guide:

-First download MTS J2ME version to your cell phone and install midlet.
-Then run it and go to Options -> Settings -> Create Account / Recover. Enter your user name and email address and create account.
-Check your email inbox (password included) and then go to Options -> Settings, enter your user name and password (default 1234, and you can change it in Settings -> Change Allow Tracking), then go to (link down) and find your network operator code and enter it here. Please note if you are not using MTS on a Symbian compatible OS with the cellid feature then type “Yes” in the Allow Only Messaging field.
-Allow the program to access the Internet, if your handset is Symbian based, go to Tools -> Manager -> MTS -> Security and set it.

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