Why can’t you track a missing phone using Plan B

Mar 24, 2013 under Cell phone tracking

Here by missing I mean stolen or lost handset, not misplaced. By phone I mean Android, not iPhone (I do not have an iPhone although Plan B does have an iOS version) or Symbian (lots of people ask me for help have a Symbian device, but it’s out of the question to track a handset…

Android mobile tracking apps roundup

Mar 02, 2012 under Cell phone tracking

If you have an Android device, it may not be so easy to choose a location and anti-theft app appropriate for your needs. It seems to me that Android location app is coming out every day, with most of them have the same basic location tracking functionality, some have more handy and practical features. To…

Plan B – Find my phone app for Android

May 19, 2011 under Cell phone tracking

Plan B is an Android locating app released by the mobile security company Lookout to find your lost Android mobile device. It says it’s the only mobile tracking app with which you do not need to download and install before you lose your handset. If you own an Android Smartphone and it goes missing without…

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