Using Google Earth to track Space Shuttle Atlantis

Jul 17, 2011 under Google Earth

Space Shuttle Atlantis is on the final mission of space shuttle era after launching a few days ago from Cape Canaveral and president Obama just called the astronauts. Unlike previous flights, there is something special this time. Remember in another post I introduced how to track satellites movement using Google Earth in real-time. Well this…

Real time Android & iPhone flight tracker – Plane finder AR

Oct 05, 2010 under Others

Last month, a British firm developed and released a flight tracking app for Apple iPhone and Google Android devices called plane finder, when you point the back of your handset at the sky, it can show the position, height, speed, the airline, flight number, departure point, destination and even the likely course of any nearby…

Using Google earth to track real-time satellites movements

Jun 08, 2010 under Google Earth

Since Google earth’s release, you probably have found a lot of interesting things about it and share with other Google earth fans, one of which is make your own place marks and upload it to Google earth community. This time we bring to you a place mark which allows you to track the satellites locations…

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