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I've got a huge rainbow table which enables me to decrypt MD5 hashes, In addidtion to MD5, MySQL, MySQL 5, MSSQL, Sha1, Sha256, Sha512, NTLM, and Des hashes are also supported.

If you could not find the plain text for your hash, it will be added for cracking, please check back a few days later.
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5f15126c4e282227871c0f277e43be98 38978390950
ODk5MmZhZjhlYmIzYmU2MTU0ZTk0MDJiMzFmZDU3NzA3YmI5YTgwNmY2ZmZj 8992faf8ebb3be6154e9402b31fd57707bb9a806f6ffc
b05f14983c3e231c4e31672773f36df9 d4ono1234
092df2d5d273e46c760a28ac6b52eb5d 97d9e
476fc1621cd56fff6c469746e66c65a1 [email protected]!
8f1de0488579ad6f553a00716f39e0ab XiaoTu2015
c150b65a2e35d2e94ea22566d39022ec orangeDenver46
aec8edb7c8a999a4fa70bf7f686474c8 bluePortland67
354ed29f031cabd542087441a9b3c442 blueAtlanta24
$1$v1iC$weNfRI6ClLJkZtuh2htA91 router89
f87527e4a4b6f51aca00e319c11d0b23 [email protected]
5BFA126FE28B37BC7C605933CD03509B4F741FC0 ttwap123
8E116659412789AA7F9532E99B534EE4E2D40CC2 [email protected]
dafcec339a510258a92e2360770beddf944a2bfe Sikerun1!
c172a5c4d4a0575fea57103797ed1bbf6530c6ed sp.bban349
3d093e23ab11d6f2aa16833b047a2b37 [email protected]
d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e empty pass
657FF1445DD8C96609F81DFD88AD457AF324E97F nagispass
C97D248D267192C59BC5710549F5645C50447547 St0r3Cl0ud
B49C2E2743F5BFEF790A2D4C4BA46529895DE721 %Ind3p3nd3nt%
8D1131CCD75D7AB026B1B2CEE98306690F8D448C sTe09*dob
58ec9af007d2a411c5ab37f2cf398ec3 Whisky$$
05123c80870db55ad2596cec7b1aa133 [email protected]
f8b5701fb3fb26532783488c87261e60 4eCcAXVt
NDlmaW5lYmx1ZTkx 49fineblue91
8f11634ffb045bc4ef47b87855ebefec jkl#995
5fb0a065f71fcd0f3441a06e1a13b087 73087546
667135be5d305edb9720029e7399e813 7ea6a
c2ac736f3c909c6df33f5e27aaa85a81 humayunsir
413928d28b90f738e8107f43219c7adf Fin*2019
88323966a386c595444ce66cb674f17e r00td3ny
$1$uxff$kSm7v1GwdTZdCosaAp.7A0 starwars1969

Enter your MD5 hash and it will give you the plain text. If it's not found in my database, I will add it in line for cracking. It usually takes about three or four days and you can check back then.

In addidtion to MD5, MySQL, MySQL5, MSSQL, Sha1, Sha256, Sha512, NTLM, and Des hashes are also supported.The hash will be recognized automatically. Please note not all hashes can be cracked.

Please note I will not be held for any errors.