What makes a good cell phone locating app

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Cell phone tracking app is useful because you can use it to record your trip, share your whereabouts with friends. Most of all, parents use it to keep track of their children, people use it to find their misplaced or lost mobile device. But there’s a few situations mobile tracing app could not work, if you read my blog often, you know what they could be. Although many people got their handsets back by using mobile locating software, but if someone gets your handset with knowledge of mobile tracing, you may not be that lucky.

So let’s see what could cause a mobile locating app stop working.

1 No network coverage of carrier to which the SIM card belongs.
2 SIM card’s being taken out.
3 Battery is dead.
4 Phone’s turned off.
5 Mobile tracing app account’s changed.
6 Mobile locating app’s disabled or removed.
7 A factory restore is performed.
8 Phone’s formatted.

So we can see here a few factors could affect the locating app. There is nothing we could do if No. 1 to No.4 happened as we have no control over it. However there’s something we can do to improve the tracing app so that the thieves could not destroy it easily.

There are two types of mobile tracing apps at the moment; one is developed by the cell phone maker. In this case, the locating app comes as part of the OS and it could not be removed. Even if you format the phone, it’s still there. Another type is made by third-party people, you need to download and install it on your mobile device, and you also need to register an account with them to make the app work. In this case, the thief can disable or remove it without an effort.

If you buy iPhone or HTC Android phone, they all provide their own cloud-based service include mobile location service developed by them. You need an account in order to use it, and they use the account to identify and track your handset. If someone delete or change your account, or format the device, you will not be able to locate it anymore. The solution is to enable it in default using the IMEI number solely as the account when the phone was made which in no way could be changed, and use a password to protect it. The password was generated randomly and printed on the use manual. So the thief could not disable or remove it without knowing the password and there is no way to change the account, he/she just could get rid of it even if the mobile device is being formatted and another SIM card is inserted. Every time the thief turns on the phone, it will identify the IMEI number send the location information to the server and you will be able to see its location and track it down.

If you are using any third-party locating software, someone get your handset could easily destroy it. But it does not mean there’s nothing we can do. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few things can be done and have already be done. For example, the locating app should not create any icon so that the thief would not notice it. If the owner of the handset wants to disable or change the settings, a code of number combination can be used. Once you input the code, the app will show up on the screen. The name of the app should not sound like any tracking app, and it would hide itself from any task killer. So the app will silently monitor and track your handset unless someone formats the mobile device.

I remember the days fighting the viruses and backdoor programs, some of them can regenerate even if you reinstall your OS. Maybe cell phone tracing apps could learn from it too.

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