CDMA Phone Tracker (beta*)

Locate a CDMA cell phone online using Mobile country code, System ID, Network ID and Base station ID and display its location on Google Maps. Please note this tool is used to track CDMA handsets only. If you have a GSM mobile device, check out other tools of mine such as Profone GSM tracker.

Please note, ALL fields are required. Try other utilities like cell tower map, MAC address lookup, and MAC vendor lookup.

Mobile Country Code
System ID*
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How it works

This online CDMA Phone tracker is intended for 3G / 4G or LTE CDMA phone owners to search the location of their handset. As you all know, I already have an online GSM phone tracker in place, which you can find here. CDMA cell tower, as you have arleady found, is a little different from GSM base station. We here do not use LAC or CID. Instead, this tool uses SID, NID and BID to query your phone's position.

This tool is based solely on my own database. I am not responsible for any errors however. You can get in touch with me via the about page, feedbacks are welcome.

* I need help on verifying the precision of the results. If you have CDMA mobile device, please contact me here, thanks!