Profone WiFi tracker

Track down a cell phone, laptop, or wireless router online using 2 WiFi hotspot MAC addresses and display its location on Google Maps. Please note, you need two Access Points in the same area to make this WiFi tracker work, otherwise it might not return any location.

Please note, all feilds are required.

MAC address 1:
MAC address 2:

How it works

Skyhook Wireless was the first to use WiFi hotspots (wireless access points) to determine the location of a cell phone, its WPS (WiFi positioning system) use data (MAC address, GPS coordinates) of the wireless access point surveyed by its drivers to track phone locations.

This WiFi tracker uses 2 wireless router MAC addresses (you can choose any 2 of your nearby wireless MAC addresses) to determine the location of cell phone and hotspots and laptops. Each WiFi hotspot covers a certain area, the more Access points in your area, the more accurate result it will return. So the density of wireless access points will determine the accuracy. But this Wi-Fi tracker is intended for 2 MAC address query only.

This WiFi tracker sends query to Google location server. If the MAC address of your wireless router is not included in their databases, no results will be returned and the default map will load, which means you are not exposed to Google.

Google previously used its street view cars to collect the MAC address of Wi-Fi hotspots, later it stopped the operation forced by world governments for violation of privacy laws. Now Google use peoples' cell phones which installs Google Maps to collect such data. So many MAC address query may not return any result.

I am not responsible for any tracking errors. You can get in touch with us via the about page, feedback is appreciated.