MAC address generator

How to find my MAC address and generate a MAC address online. This tool enables you to generate a valid MAC address when in need. However please note the MAC address generated might not be a real one used by any manufacturer.

Select the format of MAC addresses you want here and click now to generate your own valid MAC address. Please note, the MAC address generated is not a real one. More tools about MAC address can be found here, MAC vendor lookup, MAC address location tracker.

MAC address format:

What is my MAC address

MAC address stands for media access control address, it's a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications at the data link layer of a network segment.

But how to find your MAC address?

1. On windows, click start - > Run, enter cmd and click OK, then type ipconfig/all and hit enter and you will see the MAC address.

You can also try various apps to find your MAC address and others' too, see below figure.

As I do not have any Apple device, I am not able to give instructions.

2. On Android. Go to About device->Status, and you will see your MAC address.

As always, you can use apps to find your MAC address and others' too.

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