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How to find my MAC address and generate a MAC address online. This tool enables you to generate a valid MAC address when in need. However please note the MAC address generated might not be a real one used by any manufacturer.

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What is my MAC address

MAC address stands for media access control address, it's a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications at the data link layer of a network segment.
But how to find your MAC address? 1. On windows, click start - > Run, enter cmd and click OK, then type ipconfig/all and hit enter and you will see the MAC address.

You can also try various apps to find your MAC address and others' too, see below figure.

As I do not have any Apple device, I am not able to give instructions.
2. On Android. Go to About device->Status, and you will see your MAC address.

As always, you can use apps to find your MAC address and others' too.

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