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Track down mobile devices' location online by cell tower triangulation using LAC (Location Area Code) and CellID from PC, iPhone or Androide Smartphone. No robots, only personal or research use.

Got LAC in Hexadecimal? Try the converter. Confused? Check this out.

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MCC - Mobile Country Code
MNC - Mobile Network Code
LAC - Location Area Code*
CID - Cell ID*

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How it works

Cell tower triangulation uses the LAC and CellID to determine the position of a mobile phone. With data from at least three cell towers, this technique can calculate a handset's location precisely. Each base station covers a certain area, the more cell towers in your area, the more accurate result it produces. So the density of cell towers determines the accuracy.

Generally, the density is higher in the urban areas especially at downtown. While in rural areas, where there are fewer cell towers, the result is less accurate.

This GSM tracker queries a few location servers online (I am considering build my own), and returns the GPS coordinates (usually latitude and longitude). If the LAC and CellID are unknown, no results will be returned.

If you have no idea about LAC and CellID, check out this article.

What's new!! Now you can view the neighboring cell towers if there's more than one base station found in that area. However I haveset a limit on the number you can see. I may use Google Earth to display those neighboring cell phone towers.

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