Why are you here?

This blog is all about how to track down a cell phone and extend the battery life during that period of time to ensure your handset always stays on. If you come here in search for information on how cell phone tracking works and various mobile tracking technologies, then check out my posts and tools. […]

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Date: 15-01-04 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags:

Indtroducing Profone tracker

It’s been a while since I released my Profone tracker. I think now it’s time to write a little about it, how it works and how you can collect the data. It’s not a new tool if you ever try my GSM and WiFi tracker. As a matter of fact, it’s a combination of the […]

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Date: 17-04-19 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: ,

A little clarification for my GSM tracker

I have received quite a few messages and emails about my GSM tracker and its service since I got back. I think I need to make a little clarification about it as I expect to receive more such queries and I may not have enough time to respond. What I have been and am doing […]

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Date: 17-03-17 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: ,

What’s going on lately

I have received quite a few messages on Facebook asking me why I do not update my blog or respond to messages and comments on my page, I would like to explain a few words and here are the reasons. As you can see, the latest post on my blog was published more than three […]

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Date: 16-11-02 | Category: Others | Tags: ,

How did I lose my iPhone 6 Plus and password

This is a true story. I read it somewhere. The poster who is an iPhone 6 Plus owner lost his handset and pass code. I share it here with my readers because it’s a hard lesson, and other iOS handset owners should not let it happen to them. I lost my iPhone 6 Plus on […]

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Date: 16-07-28 | Category: Cell phone tracking | Tags: ,

How to remove S finder and quick connect

I do not remember how many Samsung handset I own, however without any doubt the Galaxy S5 LTE is the one I love the most and longest. I bought this phone when it was released, and I bought four backup batteries. I take those batteries and the charger when I travel and I am never […]

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Date: 16-05-29 | Category: Others | Tags:

Interesting location based apps for Android and iOS

I now have a two-year-old baby girl and I spend most of my time with her, so I just do not have enough time to write and communicate with people on Facebook and Google plus, and that’s why I could not respond to messages and comments on my Facebook page. If you have ever left […]

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Date: 16-05-01 | Category: Others | Tags:

Why can’t we find our lost mobile device?

I have received numerous requests asking me to track their lost or stolen device. There’s nothing I can do about it although they have my sympathy. If unfortunately you are one of them, do not expect me to give any answer. But why? It’s in fact not easy to track a stolen mobile phone even […]

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Date: 16-02-27 | Category: Cell phone tracking |

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