Handset makers promise to protect our mobile devices

Over the past months, I have found that New York law enforcements lead the cell phone tracking field (you know it if you have liked this), they are always trying their best to ask for cooperation from carriers in tracking the lost mobile devices. This time, it’s not the carrier but the handset manufacturers’ turn […]

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Can you stay anonymous in the digital world?

We have always tried hard to protect our privacy in both the real world and virtual world while there are others or companies or government want to pry into or take advantage of our private data for whatever purposes. In today’s digital world, while we enjoy the great pleasure and convenience brought by those electronic […]

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Why can’t you track a missing phone using Plan B

Here by missing I mean stolen or lost handset, not misplaced. By phone I mean Android, not iPhone (I do not have an iPhone although Plan B does have an iOS version) or Symbian (lots of people ask me for help have a Symbian device, but it’s out of the question to track a handset […]

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A nontechnical way to find missing iPhone

This is probably my last post in 2012 – the end of the world, since we will say goodbye to it in two days -:). So happy we all survive and live one. To all my friends and visitors, Merry Christmas and happy New Year. I have been writing many technical things this year, so […]

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How to find and change the IMEI number

Please note, changing your handset’s IMEI number may void warranty or break the law. As far as I know, it’s strictly prohibited to change any phone’s IMEI number in the UK. So always refer to your user manual and local law, you are responsible for any action you take. Please also note this post is […]

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How can your calls be intercepted, possibly

I have received dozens of text messages and Emails from unknown sources claiming that I can listen to any call from any handset, as long as I provide the cell phone number to them, and of course money. I myself know clearly that these are just scams; the only purpose is to trick my money […]

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What future phone anti-theft technology looks like?

Cell phone tracking can be great; it’s like magic since it could find your lost handset. However mobile tracking is not everything, it has weaknesses too. There are a few situations that cell phone trace might not help, one of which would be it could take a long time for you to realize that your […]

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