How to install modified apps on your Android phone

I love my Galaxy S5, I love Android, I do not love ugly Android apps but I could not live without them. I decided to make those apps look better in my way a long time ago and had some success. However If you have been doing exactly the same thing  you will know that […]

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How has Find My iPhone improved over the years

Let’s start with the news that people can spy on an Android phone even when the handset is shut down. In fact, I have shared the news on Google Plus and here is the link if you have not heard of it. You should not be panic although it does sound a bit of scary. […]

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How to change IMEI number for all Snapdragon powered devices

I once introduced how to change the IMEI number on various devices across various platforms. A lot has changed since then. Symbian and BlackBerry almost disappeared, iOS and Android dominated the mobile space. Tizen and Fire OS are struggling to make a dent. With the rise of Android, Qualcomm SOCs also dominated the flagship and […]

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Why are you here?

This blog is all about how to track down a cell phone and extend the battery life during that period of time to ensure your handset always stays on. If you come here in search for information on how cell phone tracking works and various mobile tracking technologies, then check out my posts and tools. […]

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Possible qhsusb_dload fix for all Qualcomm devices

If you own a Qualcomm powered Android device, the chances are good that you may have ran into or seen qhsusb_dload problem on various forums or blogs. It used to be a sad case as it means you will not be able to to boot your phone. If you connect your device to your PC, […]

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Why iPhones still have better battery life than Android

Although it has been less than half a year from my previous post about battery life comparison between iOS and Android devices, a lot of important devices have been announced and made available in this period of time. Sony Z3, iPhone 6/p, Moto Maxx, to name a few. So I decide to re-check my opinon […]

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A closer look at Android battery charging

This experiment is kind of old as it dates back to 2012, a lot of changes happened since then, big and small. However we will still learn something from it since it relates some basics about lion ion battery, which seldom changes tremendously these years. This post will cover two aspects: how to take advantage […]

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