How Google remotely installs or removes apps from your phone

If you ever use Android phone, you should know Google Android market, the now Google Play has two versions, mobile version and desktop version. Whatever version, you need to register a Gmail account and enter that account on your handset during the setup process or later. Otherwise you would not be able to use any […]

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Top seven free cell phone tracking software

Find the best free cell phone tracking software for GPS enabled mobile devices to locate family members or find your lost/stolen cell phone or record tracks of trips! Since many location based companies entered this field, the end users can choose their favorite location services and apps. So I decided to compile this list of […]

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How to find CellID and LAC in BlackBerry phone

I have already introduced a few apps for iOS, Android and Symbian to find cell towers information like LAC and CellID, but none of them work on BlackBerry phone. After a few minutes search and research, I find that there is hardly any app has ever been created to achieve this objective and I finally […]

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Android mobile tracking apps roundup

If you have an Android device, it may not be so easy to choose a location and anti-theft app appropriate for your needs. It seems to me that Android location app is coming out every day, with most of them have the same basic location tracking functionality, some have more handy and practical features. To […]

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Get ready for GPS Block III

Recent news reveals that the prototype of the third generation of GPS, which is called GPS Block III, is being tested at a Lockheed Martin complex in Colorado. The new system consists of about 32 satellites, 8 more than the current positioning system in use. After months of test the first satellite of this new […]

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Find Android phone CellID and LAC using test mode

I once introduced some apps we can use to get our phone’s CellID and LAC for location purposes, like celltracker, fieldtest, net monitor, cell tower locator etc. In addition to those apps, I recently came into a more powerful app for Android device called Network Info II which is available in Android market. It can […]

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Android anti-theft app Gotya helps identify the thief

Without a doubt, mobile tracking technology could help people find their lost or stolen handset. Giving that WiFi and cell tower positioning technology have already been integrated in the location based services, we can obtain the location information of a mobile device easily without GPS. However, imagine when a stolen cell phone is found to […]

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